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Project supervision

We are increasingly called upon to provide project support, encompassing a range of projects spanning inception, implementation, and evaluation phases. Our project supervision entails the guidance and support of projects using a methodology grounded in result-driven and people-centric techniques. Our guidance is governed by several key principles:

  1. We strive to enhance the professionalism of organizations in the specific field they seek assistance in.

  2. Additionally, we work towards rendering ourselves redundant. We place importance on developing in-house expertise so that organizations can make informed decisions about when to engage external expertise and whom to select for external collaborations.

  3. In cases where internal capacity is lacking (such as FTEs), we can offer our services on a part-time basis, including HSEQ support for smaller organizations.

  4. During project supervision, we often encounter inquiries related to organizational development, and we are well-equipped to address these aspects as well.

Industriële bouwplaats



We fill different roles as interim manager in organisations. We do this in various sectors such as shipping, maritime, or-score, petrochemicals, production, but also government, supervision, healthcare and education.



We refrain from discussing safety culture separately. To us, an organisation's culture encompasses all its facets, and safety is an integral component within that culture, either as a standalone entity or interwoven with other aspects. In our view, a cultural shift involves a collaborative process aimed at creating an environment conducive to safe working conditions.




Much like the intricacies of organisational management, safety presents its own intricate landscape. Legal requirements dictate mandatory measures, while our internal vision and aspirations introduce additional desires. Within organisations, we assume various roles, ranging from executing HSE(Q) tasks to temporary personnel replacements. As Artemas, we can even function as the dedicated HSE(Q) department within an organisation.

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