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"Tell me and I forget.
Teach me and I remember.
Involve me and I learn."

About Artemas

Artemas is a cooperative of safety experts, trainers, and organisational developers with a rich and diverse background spanning various industries and sectors, ranging from museums, nurseries, education and care, to heavy industry and shipping.

Our approach is deeply rooted in the Rhineland values of connection, trust, craftsmanship, and inspiration. Our primary objective is to facilitate organizational growth while fostering the expertise of employees within your organization.

We take a holistic approach to collaboration within complex organizations, addressing all facets necessary to achieve collective ambitions. This includes management philosophy, shared aspirations, frontline engagement, the formation of working communities, the organization of support services, and the establishment of work agreements. Through our efforts, we aim to cultivate a culture where professionals take pride in their work, making safety and working securely a natural outcome of this cultural shift.

'We regularly walk around the workplace in and near projects to see in reality what is happening and to feel and experience it.'


When we participate in an organization, we are part of that organization.

  • We aspire to be integral members of your team, actively contributing to the realization of shared ambitions, rather than merely offering advice and producing reports.

  • The utmost priority is always the best interests of our customers.

  • Collaboration in networks is a growing focus for us, and we extend the same approach to our clients, fostering strong connections.

  • In every engagement, our goal is to swiftly empower our clients by transferring our extensive knowledge and expertise, rendering ourselves obsolete.

  • Our ethos centers around fostering collaboration, continuous development, and continual improvement.

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  • We firmly believe that effective communication commences with active listening.

  • We ensure that all stakeholders are actively involved in shaping the overall picture, contributing to our decision-making process through their insights and perspectives.

  • Our unique value often lies in our ability to think creatively and explore innovative solutions beyond conventional boundaries.

  • For us, delving into the underlying questions behind the obvious ones serves as the cornerstone of authentic and meaningful conversations.

Listening is the start of communication.

Our team.

Our values reflect on the way we connect with our clients and we are proud of it! ​​​

At Artemas, our top priority is people! We're here to address all your safety-related inquiries. We are a team of innovative security experts, committed to shaping the future of security. Our approach goes beyond mere advisory services. We actively engage with your employees in real-world projects, gaining firsthand insights and experiences. We work closely with your organization to achieve your safety objectives."

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Jurriaan Cals

+31 (0)6 226 990 93

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Amaline Prata

+31 (0)6 244 540 79

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Avatar Ruud Plomp_edited.jpg

Ruud Plomp

+31 (0)6 129 958 90

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Ruud Junggeburth

+31 (0)6 224 64 251

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Willem de Jong

+31 (0)6 15197168

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